Whether you are overseas or based in New Zealand, you'll want to make the most out of your real estate investment.

Within our ever-evolving industry, we are finding there is a greater need to refine and improve the processes around managing someone's investment property. With new legislation being bought upon us at a rate of knots that would see most not be able to keep up, is one of the reasons why you need to employ a professional real estate property manager. 

Our property team at Harveys have a true passion for managing property, being totally focused on delivering a level of service and expertise that clients can expect and more particularly count on. We understand and value the task that been entrusted to us, which is not only to maximise your rate of return but to ensure that the property's performance through well-managed, timely maintenance is optimized by retaining quality tenants and reducing down time through transient tenancy practices. 

Our award-winning team are relationship driven ensuring that we are on hand to cater for any of our landlord and tenant  requirements 24/7 enabling immediate remedy to any issue that may arise. Our unique structure sees us develop a relationship that far exceeds the typical property manager- landlord relationship. 


Why use a property manager?

Many landlords and investors are financially-savvy, but some can be left in the dark when it comes to finding tenants, dealing with day-to-day property issues, ever changing legislation requirements and or legal jargon.

The team at Harveys take all the hassle out of managing and maintaining your property. Our first step will be to ensure you get the right tenants - the Harveys' brand naturally attracts a significant volume of prospective tenants and our detailed processes for checking applications will ensure your rental income is secure.

We'll also keep on top of the maintenance at your property and will contact you immediately in the event an issue arises.


Advantages of choosing Harveys' to manage your property

When you choose a property manager to manage your investment property, they act as an intermediary between you and the tenant. This is particularly useful in the event of any problems that arise during the tenancy - your Harveys Property Manager  can help to moderate the situation and prevent any ill feeling over late or unpaid rent and repairs.

At Harveys, our years of experience in your local area enables us to ask the right questions and ensure all the correct paperwork is properly organised so you are in an excellent position to enjoy a secure tenancy.  We are able to access valuable information about your prospective tenants' previous rental history and other information to help you make an educated decision.

Professional property managers - including your Harveys property manager- are also often able to negotiate more attractive rates with tradespeople when work needs to be done. Property managers tend to generally wield a considerable amount of influence over tradespeople due to the sheer volume of work they supply them with. They can therefore be a very useful connection to have when a repair needs to be attended to urgently or after hours.

In addition, you may find that using our agency, you may qualify for a high-quality landlord protection insurance policy, which may not otherwise be available to private investors. You will also find that in most circumstances, any management fees that you pay to an agency are tax-deductible.

Landlord Information Booklet

For more information on how we can assist you, download our e-book Landlord Information Booklet.

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