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The healthy homes standards aim to make a significant change to the quality of New Zealand rental homes. The standards cover improvements to heating, insulation, and ventilation, and addressing issues with moisture ingress and drainage and draught stopping.

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Parts of the Government’s new Healthy Homes minimum standards are not cost-effective and that will impact on tenants, according to investor advocates.

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Ring Fencing Tax Losses

One of these measures is to introduce loss ring-fencing on residential properties held by speculators and investors. This means that speculators and investors will no longer be able to offset tax losses from their residential properties against their other income (for example, salary or wages, or business income), to reduce their income tax liability.  

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Ring Fencing Tax Losses 2

The IRD can't say for certain how ring-fencing rental losses will affect the residential property market, but notes investors suffering losses on their rentals are currently getting tax breaks of $2000 a year  

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Managing Health and Safety - Property Management

Answers to questions about the responsibilities of property managers and owners, and body corporates under the Health and Safety at Work Act, the Gas (Safety & Measurement) Regulations and Electricity (Safety) Regulations.