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Why choose a Harvey's Agent?

Updated: Apr 17, 2019

Great people with great training working to achieve great results for you.

At Harvey's we believe we are a great company. Sure, we pride ourselves on being driven to achieve success, but we’re also a company of genuine, committed people who know that success is a two-way street.  Unlike some in our field, Harvey's doesn’t measure success merely by sales figures, we believe in relationships, in mutual benefit and in making your real estate experience, unforgettably positive.

We support best in class training & career development

To ensure that our people have the best training, we established the Harvey's / LJ Hooker Institute where every team member can learn professional skills to attain formal qualifications in real estate and leadership. 

We are also committed to an online training centre that is accessible 24 hours a day. This unique online resource is the place where team member have access to tools and knowledge that helps build their skill sets, grows their knowledge of the industry and ensures they are always up-to-speed and ready to help you with your real estate needs.

Our experience and coverage is the difference

At Harveys / LJ Hooker combined we have over 100 years experience in home sales and management.  Right across Australasia we have over 6000 property professionals across all areas of our business.

Perhaps uniquely, Harvey's / LJ Hooker is also home to a distinguished group, much valued for their experience, built over 21 years of continuous service – The Harvey's / LJ Hooker ‘21 Club’.

Performance Recognition

At Harvey's / LJ Hooker we believe it’s important to recognise the contributions made by our dedicated staff. That’s why we have created and environment that encourages personal development, rewards initiative and fosters a spirit of collaboration and teamwork.

Based on experience and achievement, our people work towards being recognised by elevation to the following two levels:

  • Captain - Our most valued, high performing sales people, property managers, mortgage brokers, and staff.  This group consists of over 680 performers who are proud to call themselves Captains and offer inspiration to other members of their teams in their local offices.

  • Admiral - Our top-performing franchisee owners who act as mentors and leaders across the network. 

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