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Top Ten Tips when Buying A House

Buying a house is a big step to anyone and people often tend to get a lot of huge surprises. Over the years, we have been talking to families and couples about the things they need to know prior to buying or even thinking about buying a new house. Here are the tips when buying your next house.

Tip 1 - Get Your Finances Together First

People often overlook getting confirmation from their financial lending institution on the exact amount that they can borrow to purchase a home. It is always wise to have your amount confirmed before you go looking to buy your home. You should also keep in mind the additional ongoing expenses that you will need to cover when owning a home such as rates, insurance etc.

Tip 2 - Have A List

It can be disappointing for home buyers if the house style they had in mind is not within their confirmed and approved price range.  It is important to look around at different house styles that you can afford if you have selected a specific suburb to live in.  Otherwise you may need to choose a different suburb but still consider your needs of shopping, transport, schools etc.  It helps to make a list of what you need in a home and what would be a bonus.

Tip 3 - Keep Cool

Often home buyers pressure themselves into buying something because they feel that they have looked for so long or that someone else may also be ready to purchase that same house. Buying a home is an important financial decision. If a property doesn't have something that you may need, say an extra bedroom for your new baby, then don't buy the property. Look at why it has taken you so long to find something, you may need to reassess your criteria for choosing a home. Your consultant may advise a strategy of marketing without disclosing any price, such as Auction, Tender, or Sale by Negotiation.

Tip 4 - Buying the First Home You See

Real Estate agents report so often how they have shown a buyer dozens of homes but it is frequently the first home that the buyer saw and really liked that they ended up purchasing.  This is because real estate agents are skilled at understanding what it is you are looking for and will do their best to select for you those homes that most closely match your needs.  Often home buyers think that they must see dozens of home to be sure, however if the first home you see suits you and you like it, then buy it, as you may miss out if you choose to look at another twenty before deciding.

Tip 5 - There's no Harm in Asking

Home Buyers often try to ‘go it alone’ and not ask real estate agents for their help.  But remember, agents are there to help you find what you’re looking for, they do not want to sell you something that you won’t be happy with because unhappy customers are bad for business.  Ask agents questions to get the most information you need to buy a home.

Tip 6 - Be Sure

Overlooking potential future problems can be an issue for first time buyers who are not familiar with building construction.  It is often a good idea to get a building inspection completed by a registered and qualified tradesperson, if you are in doubt about any structural elements.

Tip 7 - It's your decision

Home Buyers often feel that they need ‘approval’ from their parents or friends before making the final decision.  But it is your opinion that matters most. You will be the one living there.

Tip 8 - See Clearly

Home Buyers often see the furnishings of the home for sale rather than imagining their own things in place and this can spoil for them the good floor plan of the home.

Tip 9 - Auctions are OK

Some Buyers may avoid homes that are for auction because they are unfamiliar with the process.  Ask your agent to explain the auction system to you, it is a very controlled and fair process.  Try going to several auctions at which you are not going to bid and be an observer.  When you decide to attend an auction to bid for a house, then ask the agent to assist you.  They will help you to feel comfortable with the process. Check out an overview of our auction process at Harveys here.

Tip 10 - There is more than One Right Home.

Getting attached to your dream home can be a big trap.  You see it, you’ve got to have it, and then it’s sold to someone else with more money.   It is possible that your offer may not be accepted or that someone else may bid higher than you at the auction.  The good news is there is always another home and while your may not believe it at the time, there really is another home that will suit your needs.

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