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Building and LIM Reports

Updated: Jun 11, 2019

It is important to have building reports prior to purchase.

When compared to the cost of buying a home and discovering major issues that need to be fixed, the amount  you'll spend on pre emptive building and pest inspections seems insignificant.

You cannot over estimate the importance of gaining a comprehensive understanding of the property you are about to buy and getting the right reports and inspections can be crucial.

A building report will help identify any internal or structural problems that could otherwise cost you thousands of dollars to repair.

Expert inspectors have professional indemnity insurance and can often discover defects that you may have missed.

Importantly you must question the inspector if there is anything you are not comfortable with in the report, but overall it is not necessary to worry about every issue raised - it is their job to make a note of any concerns they come across, even the ones that have no substantial impact on the building or its worth.

Check out more information about LIM or the Land Information Memorandum here.

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