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Updated: Aug 8, 2019

Traditionally, New Zealand home sellers think that listing properties over the winter could be a wrong move. It is believed that the spring season brings more opportunities but, what if someone took advantage of this mindset and listed their property on the market during the WINTER. Would it have a chance to sell for a high price and quicker?

We studied the market’s behaviour and found out these 4 reasons that might convince you to possibly get a successful sale over the cold season.

1. The serious buyers are out

Property buyers think that the demand this season is low and houses are priced lower than usual. Buyers take advantage of this season to buy low and then sell high in another season. If buyers are on the lookout for cheaper homes, this could be the perfect time for them and yes, most of them are eager buyers wanting your home soon.

2. There’s less competition for the seller

During the winter, there are often fewer houses on the market so it is safe to assume that there’s less competition too. Listing your home at this time along with competitive pricing, gives you the advantage so that your home can easily stand out from the rest.

3. Process times can be faster

Because there are less real estate transactions done during the winter, the time frame around home sales can be a lot quicker.

The winter season also means, everyone has time for you. Real estate agents and home improvement contractors are not as busy and are usually responsive. Lenders and mortgage brokers have more time for buyers resulting in smoother transactions, and that can have an effect on you too as a seller.

4. Best time to scale up

There are many reasons why you may find yourself in the market, whether it be buying or selling. If you plan to scale up for you family, winter just happens to be one of the perfect times to do so and buy your dream house cheaper.

While all these are compelling ideas, it is always best to talk to a real estate agent should you decide to move forward with your decision in selling your house. Do not let common myths and misunderstanding keep you from getting to your home-goals.

Whatever time of the year, people successfully buy and sell homes and your long term goals can be achieved, no mater the season.


Now could be the perfect time to sell your home and buy a new one.

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